Jims Plumbing

DNN 500 Internal Server Error

Yesterday, I found some unusual error in Jims Plumbing website. It was server side error. I had restarted hosting server but problem was still there and more dipper.

It was frustrating because no clue for exact error. Stuck more dipper with ‪#‎JimsPlumbing‬ ‪#‎DotNetNuke‬ Website Error “500 Internal Server Error”.

But finally resolved it with IIS7 server configuration update. Its first time, I have tried DNN. But it’s very good experience. I did few research in forum & blogs and now I can say,

Hey I am ‪#‎DNN‬‪#‎expert‬ too. 🙂

Search Engine Marketing

SEO Without Link Building?

Some time, I think about SEO without link building is possible or not?

Answer is YES,

Yes, it is possible to have good SEO without Link Building. [Quality Content] With quality content, its possible to have good SEO. You have to target your services and/or products in your content. Make sure your website is user friendly. So if user will come on your site then they must get everything regarding your offers in first sight. Second thing, you can use Blog for content marketing. You can use Facebook page and use facebook paid ads. By this way you can engage more users/customers on your site without doing link building. Google’s Latest Hummingbird Update concentrates on quality content too.